The Danger of Believing Self-Imposed Limits, Lies, and Assumptions


We all make them. It’s easier to assume a truth exists than to test or challenge it. Easier to accept it and move on.

But what happens when that assumption is holding you back?

What happens when that assumption, that you believe is true, is actually the BIG lie that keeps you from achieving something greater.

I hear it every day…

“People don’t pay $10,000 for a website.”

Then we visit Trademark Media in Austin and they are signing $2,000,000 website projects.

“No one would pay me $2,000 for a single day in a conference room.”

Then we hear from Re Perez and Shelby Rimmereid Larson about how they charge 10X that for that very thing.

“I can’t charge someone $500 for an hour of my time.”

Then I’m on the phone with Jon Benson and he tells me his hourly rate is $5,000. And he’s worth every penny.

At my Austin event, Paul Ryan posed a question to the audience…

“What lie am I believing right now that is holding me back?”

This question has haunted me since Austin.

(Sidenote… How cool is it that the very community I’ve built has actually challenged me to play at a bigger game?!)

Since then, every time I make an assumption… every time I state a belief… I ask myself that very question. Is this assumption really true? Is this belief really what I believe? Is it a TRUTH? Or it is a LIE?

I watch web professionals adopt a new mindset every week. See them transform into new people…

I was on a call today where a prior graduate told a hundred people that the best part of going from an average project size of £800 and then in ten weeks landing a £39,000 project was that it afforded her the time to take several weeks off from her business so she could donate her kidney to a loved one and save their life.


But how does it happen? How did that TRANSFORMATION happen?

Prior… she had been telling herself a lie.


“I’m not valuable.”

“My time isn’t worth anything.”

“I have to say yes to this terrible client because if I say no, no one else will hire me.”

**What lie are you believing right now that is holding you back?**

Ask yourself that question…




Until when?

Until you are no longer held back. Until you can look at the life and business you have built for yourself and can see with absolute confidence that you are 100% exactly where you should be. Until you know with CERTAINTY that you are living your purpose through and through.

Until next time.

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