Invest in Yourself, It’s Worth It

How do you grow?

Personal growth in yourself… Your company… Your organization…

I often hear from people (when applying to our program, and when considering other investments in themselves or their business) this sentence:

“I will join when I get that next big project.”

“I will hire a coach when I get to $1mm in revenue.”

“I will join a mastermind when I figure out how to run my business.”

I liken this to telling an Aspen seed that you will water, provide soil, and sunlight once it has grown into a ten foot tall tree.

Like, “Hey Aspen seed! You finally grew all on your own with no support whatsoever, I can finally water and take care of you!”

Of course, that would be insane. And if the Aspen got to 10 feet tall on it’s own… news flash: it don’t need you no more.

But too many of us treat ourselves like that every single day. We don’t provide ourselves the nutrients, the fuel, and lubrication (take that how you will) to get us to the goals we set.

I have spent gobbles of money on personal growth and development. I have spent oodles of money on business growth and development. It is a *rare* occasion that I don’t get at least a 1:1 return. Even the money that I spent and shouldn’t have, taught me valuable lessons.

Getting my unofficial MBA has cost me just as much if not more than a program with a fancy certificate at the end.

If you find yourself on the 1 yard line with a personal or business investment that excites you and makes sense, consider taking that last jump to bring it into your reality.

Enroll in that class.

Hire that coach.

Join that group.

You sought it out for a reason. Your subconscious put you in a situation where it is sitting right in front of you. Don’t take that for granted. Trust the universe that this thing in front of you got there because you wanted it to.

Forget the belief that you can grow without investment.

Forget the belief that investment comes after growth.

It’s impossible for plants. It’s impossible for us.

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