Why Re-framing Decisions Into Outcomes Can Help You Reduce Stress and Shame

Making choices…

Too much emphasis on “right” vs. “wrong” decisions.

What is a *right* choice anyway? Plenty of my worst decisions have turned into blessings in disguise. So was that decision really wrong?

Who will ever know.

I know in the great game of entrepreneurship there are choices and there are outcomes. Sometimes we call choices with outcomes we didn’t expect, didn’t like, or didn’t succeed to the levels of our satisfaction, “wrong.”

At least I do. I’m sure you have too. We are all human after all.

But that negative narrative only takes you to one place: shame.

I have watched others (and myself) become paralyzed in fear due to decisions in our businesses and life standing before us. Or destroy ourselves with shame while we tear apart our past, hunting for blame that we ultimately rest on our own shoulders.

To what end my friends?

In the game of business, decisions are our at bat. Each choice another swing. Those most successful are the ones taking the most swings.

Practice makes perfect.

And the more perfect the swing, the bigger the game. The further the fence. The more fans. The more success.

But it doesn’t happen for those sitting on the bench.

And it certainly doesn’t happen for those pining away about that time they struck out in that one game way back when. Those who are frozen on the failures of the past. Unable to see the game ahead. No. It doesn’t happen for them.

I call on you my friends to dream big. Swing big. But if you don’t, at least get up and swing.

Make those decisions. Take the plunge. Remove right, wrong, fear, guilt, and shame from your inner dialogue. Take that soundtrack off repeat.

Choices are about outcomes. Seeing what is possible. Learning from them. And taking another swing aiming for an even bigger and better outcome.

Swing I say. Swing.

Until next time.

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