The Two Most Common Methods of Getting Work Done

To my knowledge, there are two main methods of getting to work.

Method #1

My coffee is a little low, let’s fill that up. 

My desk needs to be tidy. It’s not, so let’s clear that up. Can’t get work done at a messy desk!

I have a voicemail from the mechanic over at the rental, probably should call him and sort that out. 

I’m waiting on that paperwork from the bank, probably should check the mailbox first so I know if that came in. 

That’s done. 

Better make sure my email is cleared out and back to inbox zero. Wow, I can’t believe I got that done. 

I wonder why I’m not getting the results I want to in an area of my business. I should text my friend about that. Oh look, he’s responding to me, yeah, might as well call him to shoot the breeze. Wow. So good to catch up for a half-hour. 

I haven’t watered my plant in a while. Taken care of. 

Requested commissions from my affiliate deal, done. 

My iPhone and AirPods need a little charging. Plugged in and sorted. 

My coffee is low again. Sheesh! Better top that off. 

What was my priority again today? I better look at my list. Oh dang. That’s going to be a heap of work. It’s practically lunch, better fuel up before I really start to dig in. 

Method #2

Pull up a chair. 

Sit down. 

Look at the priority list.

Start with the number one most important. 

Get to work.


Most people I know practice both methods at varying times in their careers. I’m curious, let me know in the comments below which method works best for you, Method #1 or Method #2?

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