Overcoming Resistance When at Conferences

Go back in.

Talk to the leader.

The presenter.

The expert.

The guru.

Fear can grip us way too easily. I know you’ve said it to yourself before…

“I’ll just call it a night. I don’t feel like talking to anyone else at this event.”

But something nags at you. There is still something to be had. Don’t ignore the feeling or it (and what could have come with it) will be gone forever.

I had one of those moments tonight. Almost called it quits.

I reminded myself, “I’m not here for a haircut. Go find that gold nugget.”

And it showed up. In passing, I got the Guru’s attention. I laid out a problem. He didn’t try to “fix the problem,” he simply showed me a better way. In the form of a six, maybe seven minute conversation. Allowed me to see opportunity that was hidden from my view.

An opportunity that could add up to $450,000+ in revenue if executed poorly. Over $1,000,000 if executed well. Beyond that if knocked out of the park.

It’s so easy to walk away. Call it a night.

But that makes life hard. Maybe not today. Maybe in a week. Or two weeks. You’ll be stuck again fighting the current. Pushing mercilessly against the forces that be with no luck but to sink. Or change direction and continue to flail into the unknown without a guide.

The easy way leads to a hard life.

I choose the hard way. The road less traveled. Lean into the uncomfortable and the uneasy.

The hard way today makes life easier tomorrow.

The life where answers are more clear, more readily available, and more fulfilling.

Until next time.

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