My Trip to Telluride and Why I Unplug Often

I’m sitting in the backseat on the way back from a short family vacation to Telluride, Colorado.

My 15-month old son, Phoenix, is next to me passed out. His crazy-man hair half slicked down serious, half wild.

I was on the fence about taking the time off to make the trip. My todo list felt onerous. Such deadlines looming. So many unanswered emails and messages.

But in the end, I wondered which decision I would be happy with ten years from now. Of course the answer was quite simple then. I can’t help but think how improved our lives would be if we thought like that more often. Took our future self’s well being into consideration more.

So I unplugged. At least mostly.

And now I’m looking at the most peaceful slumber on earth. This kid who I love more than life itself. How lucky am I?

To get to choose this. To get to embrace this youthful bean. To be so fortunate. I am so thankful I chose adventure with family over cranking out todos back in Denver.

Here’s the kicker: I can’t turn off who I am. I can’t “vacate.”

The inner-entrepreneur is always there. Always ticking. Whether sitting at my desk consciously chomping through tasks, or subconsciously grinding through patterns when far and away from the office.

Often I get some of my best ideas while checked out. And this three day trip is no exception. On Sunday, I spent two hours journaling and getting clear next to the fire. Two big ideas. One might actually take.

Which brings me to this:

If you are like me, there is probably no such thing as time off. Maybe time away from my todo list or scheduled meetings. But there is no off switch.

And if you are like me, you probably resist time away. I always hesitate to leave town. Feel like I’m falling behind. Losing ground.

But then it happens. Lightning strikes. Ideas happen. Dots connect. Problems surface. Solutions materialize.

So here I sit. On the other side of a great decision. Admiring this life I created. Appreciating my family. Grateful that thinking deeply is somehow considered my best work. At least it is the leading most indicator to my best work emerging. The act of visioning.

So powerful.

Where does that leave you?

Today I wonder when and where your next trip will be. I want to know. I am here to tell you that unplugging is a good thing. You need it.

Book the trip. Plan the escape.

Don’t think vacation.

More like, your deeper work. The work of reflection. Of insight. Of vision.

So go find that place to think big. Imagine the levers of your business. The levers of your life. And how you will pull them.

But the kiddo’s slumber weakens. Phoenix jerks a bit awake. His eyes briefly open and a yawn escapes across his face.

That’s all the time I have for today. Time to get back to the most important work of my life.

Until next time.

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