How I Got Handybook to Clean My House For FREE For a Year

Since becoming a father a measly seven weeks ago there is one thing for certain: I have way less time AND money.

Over the last decade I have built up really bad habits around working nights and weekends on my business in addition to the usual full workdays. Now that I’m a Dad, those days are quickly slipping into my past.

When I get home, it’s baby time.

But it’s not just work that has left my home life for the most part, but much of my other free time to get basic chores done. Emily and I have done a lot to make our house a home, but now that it’s full of newborn, it’s been tough to keep it clean.

The best we’ve been able to muster is to de-clutter every ten days or so. Guests coming over have been rightfully focused on our little guy and not the dirty counter tops thankfully.

Before we had Phoenix, I trialed a service called Handybook, a kind of “Uber for housecleaners” that looked pretty web 3.0 spiffy. It was super easy to book an appointment and the person showed up without a hastle, cleaned for a couple hours, and then all was good.

At the time I had gotten a special Facebook ad offer for a $19 first cleaning (mine ended up being $33 because I added windows). But with all of the hoopla around our new addition showing up, I didn’t really have time to schedule another cleaning.

I almost completely forgot that after I trialed the service, their referral program (give $25 to a friend, get $25 for yourself with no limits or expiration) had caught my eye and I posted a pretty simple message on Facebook and Twitter advertising my referral code.


Getting Help for Nada

After finally realizing that extra time was never going to be making it’s way back into our lives, I remembered that Handybook was a really easy service to book and logged back into their website. I also remembered that I had posted that referral code and wondered if I got a couple bucks to help out with the added expense of hiring someone to clean our house.

To my pleasant disbelief, there was over $950 in credits built up since I posted that referral code on my social pages two months prior.


(I took this screenshot after my last cleaning which was $75.)

I couldn’t believe that at the $75 per cleaning rate that I was being billed for a couple hour cleaning, I could get my house cleaned once per month for the next year and never pay a dime.


How Are They?

Some of my Facebook friends had posted several negative comments on my initial post related to the fact that the service couldn’t be that good. I’m not saying that they are some high end cleaning “crew” that comes out and detoxes your house, because that’s not what the experience has been.

That being said, our cleaner was extremely nice, professional, and did a really nice job cleaning our place. While most cleaners have a team that come out and work until the job is done, Handybook works with a single person at a certain hourly commitment. Essentially you tell them how many hours they should come out and they’ll get as much done as they can in that time allotted.

Our Handybook team member pointed out some things that she could do next time if we add an hour to the order, but she also showed up early and stayed about twenty minutes past her set time.

I meant to snap a before / after of our bathroom in particular, but lets just say that it’s a new tub, sink, and room. Basically helping us get into the grime that we’ve been avoiding because our focus has shifted.

This would of course matter if it actually cost me anything to have them come out and clean my house, but it doesn’t because apparently I sent like forty customer their way and got quite a nice thank you in return.

Do What I Did

So if you want to get a year of free house cleaning (or more if you know more people), it’s pretty simple, just copy what I did:

  1. Signup for a Handybook service (you can use my referral code and get $25 off your first service: “BRENT7356”)
  2. Click on “Profile” at the top right once you are logged in
  3. Find your share code on the right hand side under the little present icon
  4. Publish that code out to your social media circles (I don’t even have that many friends on Facebook… maybe 550, I’m sure the more you have the better it will perform)
  5. Then forget about your account, go have a baby, and log back in after two months to find a nice pile of referral bonuses

So that’s how I got a year of free house cleaning from Handybook. Hopefully you can replicate this for yourself as I think it would be pretty awesome if everyone I knew in my network had free house cleaning for a year.

Let me know how it works out by hitting me up on Twitter.

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