Do What You Love

A couple of years ago my wife, Emily, came to a turning point in her professional career. She realized she did not love what she was doing.

She worked for a prominent arts organization in Denver, and while loving the product they produced, the atmosphere was toxic.

Many days she came home devastated. Energy stripped from her soul.

The money wasn’t good, the leadership was bad, and on a daily basis she was hitting walls to get what she needed done.

At the time, my advice was simple: “just quit and do something you love.”

This advice was rooted in the fact that I never worked for anyone else. I started my first business when I was 17 and never looked back. I experienced plenty of adversity, but luckily I have a loving foundation of family and friends that helped me conquer.

I knew the same would be true for her. I had her back, so did her family.

We talked about this transition for a while: her desire to become a full time artist.

She loved metalsmithing and creating jewelry. Her first major in college had been jewelry. She changed direction to try to get a more marketable degree … which ended up being a business degree inmarketing.

But marketing was a far cry from her passion.

The plan was simple. Emily would leave her job, get a part time gig somewhere and go back to school for jewelry.

Without a clear understanding of how the universe would make this happen, she turned in her notice.

Fast forward two years to last night.

Emily had her first showcase at the Denver Art District on Santa Fe atKitchens’ Ink. She was able to set up a small table in the corner of their studio to sell her goods.

We invited family and friends. The turnout was fantastic.

But what caught me unexpectedly was Emily’s drive coming up to the show. She had met the owner of the store, Babs, while selling jewelry on campus at Metro State. Babs invited Emily to showcase some work at the store and also feature her work during the First Friday Artwalk.

For the last week Emily worked in her new basement studio at our house day and night. Cranking out piece after piece. Her goal was to have over a thousand dollars in inventory prepped for her debut.

Mission accomplished, she had a sweet display case and plenty of inventory for her audience.

I was honored to help. Just to watch her beautiful energy was mesmerizing.

People began to show up and walk by her goods, trying items on, pointing at different wares, asking Emily, “how much is this one?”

Each time her face lit up, “I think this one would look amazing on you.”

“I’ll take it.”

“Let me get you some change.”

Watching the love of my life go from not enjoying her work a couple of years ago to see her passions aligned with her vision and talents is a gift.

What an important concept:

Passion + Vision + Talent = Success (and true happiness)

I told her this morning, “you are in the beginning of the beginning.”

A big smile came across her face, “thank you so much.”

Only a day off her showcase she is sitting across from me while I write, brainstorming materials and plans for her next pieces.

Self motivated and becoming ever more self aware.

How exciting. How inspiring.

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