College Wasn’t For Me, Typical Entrepreneur

I dropped out of college in my last semester.

I didn’t think too hard about it. I mean, for years I felt I was a round peg in a square hole. Maybe you can relate. Out of place. Out of touch. Out of sync. Not doing what you were brought to this planet for.

It wasn’t some grand moment or decision. I just stopped going.

Instead I wrote code. Designed. Clamored for clients. Failed miserably at building a business over and over until it worked. Then failed some more and then started succeeding.

(Entrepreneurs–myself included–should stop glorifying failure. When I say “I failed” what I mean is closer to a budding artist learning to draw and having to constantly iterate and create new works one after another. Business is the same. Daily practice. Lots of erasing. Lots of new paper or canvas until what you make on the page looks closer to what you have in your head. Maybe one day it becomes exactly what you have in your head. It’s not failure as much as practice. You don’t tell the artist he failed. You tell the artist to keep on drawing.)

But I’m a quitter. A “failure.” Just like so many of you. There is no shame in any of it. At least there shouldn’t be shame in it. Probably is for many. But we’ve all quit something at some point.

While I’m simultaneously a quitter, I’m also regarded by many as very successful. Two of the many personas I carry with me day after day. Mostly I’m just Dad, Husband, or better yet, Brent.

But, the world tries to make us believe that there is one path to be had. Anything but that is absurd right?

Stay on the path!

Mind the gap!

Get back on track!

The coolest, most brilliant, and incredibly successful people I know are so far from the path that it often makes me chuckle at the absurdity.

I’m not bashing college. I love the fact that I’m 97% college educated. Incredible years of my life. So much knowledge. Life experience. Fun. Mayhem.

I just didn’t get the piece of paper. Turns out I’ve yet to need it.

This is not about college though. Or quitting. Or being a stereotypical dropout entrepreneurial success.

It’s about recognizing that we are all exactly where we are suppose to be in this very moment.

No criticism. No regrets. No shame.

Easy to forget or not know in the first place. Feel out of place. Out of league. Out of touch. The heart beats faster. Works me up.

Less, “I’m not suppose to be here…”

More, “What does this moment have in store for me?”

Then I breath. I listen. I take myself into the present and see the people around me. The amazing zealots of the 21st century.

Changing the world. Denting the universe. Standing atop Mt. Olympus bare chested and beaming to the heavens. Glad to be alive. Welcomed in this crazy universe.

Thousands of big and little decisions to get here. None more or less important. All integral.

Now I’m in the present. Appreciate. Love.

I am right where I’m suppose to be.

No matter how it happened…

You are right where you are suppose to be.

No matter how you got here.

Where we go now is entirely up to us.

Until next time.

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