Breaking the Cycle

Have you ever had a routine or habit that you were really good about until you weren’t?

Take writing for instance.

You write almost daily. No. You write daily. Then one day you don’t. You try to grasp it here and there, but overall, the mojo just isn’t there.

You’ll think, “Nah, now’s not a good time. I’ll wait until I have something really good to say.”

I’m obviously talking about a “friend” here and no one in particular. Ahem.

The problem, of course, is that the muse doesn’t show up unless you show up. You don’t really know what you’re going to write about until you sit down and start pressing those keys.

I’ve had every excuse in the book not to write.

Reinventing my business from the ground up.

Buying out my business partner.

Losing someone close to me.

Living with the insanity of two kids under five.

Yet these are the very life events and circumstances that any decent writer cherishes.

For they’re all about life. Stuff that we get to experience because we’re here and available and still breathing. If you are reading this, you are still alive and breathing and there is inherent magic in that.



Sometimes, you just gotta get some words out to break the cycle. Sometimes you gotta hit the gym and walk around a bunch and sorta workout.

Just get familiar with the whole place again. Get over that crud that’s built up in your mind about what that first time back would be like.

It’s not going to be epic. It’s not going to be what you imagined is possible in your mind.

But the can’t do cycle will be replaced with can do. Ahh. That wasn’t so bad afterall.



And once you’re back. Well, then the good stuff is possible again. Get a few kinks out. Get the rhythm back. And who knows what will happen.

Whatever it is, it feels good.

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