My Trip to Necker Island


It’s 3AM. I’m jumping on Richard Branson’s trampoline.

Here comes Jeff Walker. Dressed like a pirate. The woman next to him is very upset. I am not really sure why, but she’s yelling and pointing her finger at me.

Yanik Silver has long gone to bed. Or at least I think he did. I have no idea… it’s a decently big island for being someone’s house. Simon Lovell was dressed like Zoro… and maybe had one too many. Mumbling about how he lost his iPhone.

I think there were 7 phones lost that night.

Back to this woman. Still quite upset with me. I finally realize she’s not upset with *me*, more like upset with *what I’m doing*.

She yells:

“Get down from there young man! Get off that thing at once!”

Jeff kept whispering to her to get along.

“Keep moving. It will all be ok.”

Words kept coming out of her mouth. I knew she was talking to me. But I just kept jumping. Kept smiling from ear to ear. Then I would do a front flip. And continue to stare at Jeff. And then I would back flip. Stare at Jeff. Front flip. Jeff. Back flip. Lady yelling at me. Flip.

If Jeff knew what I was thinking, perhaps we could have sparked up a conversation. We spoke a few times that evening in tiny spurts. But nothing of substance. Nothing about how the universe worked. Or that this planet we live on is so weird and cool and unexplainable and crazy beautiful all simultaneously. At least this is what’s going on in my head.

You see, Jeff helped catalyze this moment years prior in ways neither of us will ever fully understand. I bought his online course about how to launch products on the Internet in June of 2010. I had built hundreds of websites, but had never sold anything of my own on the Internet. In a weird way, I had made tons of money *from* the Internet, but never actually made my own money selling something *on* the Internet.

Fast forward five years and I’ve sold in the millions worth of products on the Internet. Weird…

Now I’m on Necker Island. This billionaire’s private pile of sand he calls home.

It’s all so ridiculous. Me. Jeff Walker. Yanik. The whole thing. How I got here. That I was on this trampoline at 3AM instead of at home in my bed in Denver, Colorado.

And here this woman is still yelling at me. All I’m thinking about is that first launch. Why did we do that instead of something else? I turned left, not right. And then a few years later I’m at this event Eben Pagan is putting on. With all of these visionaries and luminaries. An army of conscious freedom fighters.

Then there’s this guy Yanik doodling next to me. Except his doodles are going to be in a museum or entrepreneur hall of fame one day. I’m like, “what’s that all about?”

He hands me a metal card. When I get home, this thing just sits on my desk for months. I keep looking at it. The damn thing had like a siren call built in or something… like iron to a magnet.

Have you ever felt that pull to something before? Like you know you should make a move and you can’t explain why? But then in hindsight you are like, “I can’t imagine my world any other way. It was meant to happen.”

Then there’s this woman yelling at me. Jeff. Yanik. Richard Freakin Branson.

Finally Jeff convinces her to move along. I keep jumping. Slowly turn to admire the view of the water under the midnight sky.

There is no use explaining this place.

The second you even try to, you’ll find yourself on a trampoline.

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