Why Debriefing Your Customers Helps You Make Better Products and Services

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One of the most important things I do for my company, uGurus, is to invent and validate products. Our core offering has started to take shape (and it only took 3 years!) around multi-week, Mentor-led business accelerator programs. My ultimate goal is to build an online business school that challenges the MBA status quo for entrepreneurs that MBA’s don’t make … Read More

Why Re-framing Decisions Into Outcomes Can Help You Reduce Stress and Shame

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Making choices… Too much emphasis on “right” vs. “wrong” decisions. What is a *right* choice anyway? Plenty of my worst decisions have turned into blessings in disguise. So was that decision really wrong? Who will ever know. I know in the great game of entrepreneurship there are choices and there are outcomes. Sometimes we call choices with outcomes we didn’t … Read More