What I Learned During An Evening with Ryan Holiday

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Back in 2014, I binge listened to about a half dozen audio books while repainting several rooms in our house. One of the books I read was Ryan Holiday‘s The Obstacle is the Way. The book brings to light the many influential and successful people that have made use of Stoicism – an ancient Greek philosophy of enduring pain or … Read More

Selling My Mercedes, The One-Car Family Experiment

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After getting motivated to increase my personal level of happiness and overall fulfillment in life (and achieve financial independence), I made a list of “sacred cows.” The list included a lot of things that I thought I couldn’t do without like Starbucks/togo coffee, regular meals out at restaurants, and a heap of hired domestic help. After a few weeks without… … Read More

Common Questions I Get Asked About Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and the Book Traction

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I’ve been operating my business on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for just about three years. It’s pretty common that I advocate for other entrepreneurs to look into the methodology by starting with the book Traction or Get a Grip. I actually read Get a Grip first – which I’m glad I did since it walks through a story with an … Read More

Why Debriefing Your Customers Helps You Make Better Products and Services

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One of the most important things I do for my company, uGurus, is to invent and validate products. Our core offering has started to take shape (and it only took 3 years!) around multi-week, Mentor-led business accelerator programs. My ultimate goal is to build an online business school that challenges the MBA status quo for entrepreneurs that MBA’s don’t make … Read More

Why Re-framing Decisions Into Outcomes Can Help You Reduce Stress and Shame

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Making choices… Too much emphasis on “right” vs. “wrong” decisions. What is a *right* choice anyway? Plenty of my worst decisions have turned into blessings in disguise. So was that decision really wrong? Who will ever know. I know in the great game of entrepreneurship there are choices and there are outcomes. Sometimes we call choices with outcomes we didn’t … Read More

My Trip to Telluride and Why I Unplug Often

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I’m sitting in the backseat on the way back from a short family vacation to Telluride, Colorado. My 15-month old son, Phoenix, is next to me passed out. His crazy-man hair half slicked down serious, half wild. I was on the fence about taking the time off to make the trip. My todo list felt onerous. Such deadlines looming. So … Read More

Listen to Your Gut When It Says ‘No’ or Pay the Price

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He just kept looking at me asking “how much do you think it would cost?!” To do all that… More than he could afford. But here I am, stuck in this conference room. Swindled into driving across town. Reviewing pages of technical documents. Listening to this guy blabber on for almost two hours. And then his tell… The sign that … Read More